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Suicune Raikou Entei - Wallpaper by JoJoesArt

Without doubt this is the best representation of the Legendary Trio Suicune, Raikou and Entei I have seen browsing through the plethora...

by Cam-wis

Sorry for being a bit harsh, but for something done in studio this is very impressive. The symbolism displayed in this work is immense ...


Operating Table by Pyrovilekiller
Operating Table
This is the first photo in a series on my Major Work. The work consists of three drawings which represent the increasing influence of artificial elements (e.g: prosthetic limbs, artificial organs etc) into the human body. This photo is quite old; I'll be uploading another one documenting more of the progression I have made. 

This drawing is the third in the series. It is meant to represent a future version of the human body where all elements except for the brain have been systematically replaced by mechanical elements. As you can probably tell, it is very, very detailed and hence is taking a darn long time to finish.

More photos on the way!

Stolen from :iconarokis666:, who formerly stole it from :iconrexadecimal:

Dancing dummy Derp IDIOT =THE IDIOT TEST=IDIOT Derp Dancing dummy 
Pretty much, the more [x]'s I get, the more stupid I am. Feel free to copy, paste and try it yourself!
1. [x] You have choked on water before.

2. [ ] You have tripped down the stairs before. (Tripped and rolled to be specific.... *shudder*)

3. [x] You have walked into a door.

4. [x] You have pushed a door the wrong way.
5. [x] You have walked into a wall.

6. [x] You have fallen going UP the stairs before.

7. [ ] You have jumped off stairs and hit your head on whatever was above them.

8. [ ] You have been electrocuted by a light-switch or an outlet.

9. [x] You have put metal/aluminum in the microwave.

10. [x] Right after a commercial comes on you forget the show you were watching.

11. [x] You have forgotten something that someone said. (This happens daily for me :parasmug:)

12. [x] You sometimes don't understand sayings/jokes, and it takes a long time to figure them out.

14. [x] You have been bleeding and not even noticed it.

15. [ ] You've worn something backwards/inside out the whole day without knowing.

16. [ ] You have stuck a fork/knife in a toaster before.

17. [x] You have played with fire. (I never got hurt thankfully)

18. [x] You've tripped over your own shoelace.

19. [x] You didn't even notice there wasn't a number 13 in this quiz.

20. [x] You just checked to see if there wasn't a number 13.

0% - 0/20 x's
5% - 1/20 x's
10% - 2/20 x's
15% - 3/20 x's
20% - 4/20 x's
25% - 5/20 x's
30% - 6/20 x's
35% - 7/20 x's
40% - 8/20 x's
45% - 9/20 x's
50% - 10/20 x's
55% - 11/20 x's
60% - 12/20 x's
65% - 13/20 x's
70% - 14/20 x's <---------- THIS IS ME Fancy Dance PLZ Fancy Dance PLZ Fancy Dance PLZ    
75% - 15/20 x's
80% - 16/20 x's
85% - 17/20 x's
90% - 18/20 x's
95% - 19/20 x's
100% - 20/20 x's

I can conclude with the affirmation of the hypothesis that TEENAGE MALE AUSTRALIANS ARE DEFINITELY PERFECTLY REASONABLE & INTELLIGENT.

:flagofaustralia:  :flagofaustralia:  :flagofaustralia: 


Over and out,




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  • Reading: Temeraire series
  • Watching: Trilobite preparation
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Pyrovilekiller's Profile Picture
Kim Gallagher-Creator of Lylus V
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm not one really for art at the moment, although my talents are increasing ever so slowly but surely. My sole purpouse of creating art is to express the thoughts and scenes that race through my head on paper and canvas.

I have recently embarked on an especially ambitious project-to create and populate a fictional planet. I have the base foundations already- some geographical structures and basic life-forms (flora and fauna) The planet's name is Lylus V (named after my middle name- Lyle) I'm off to a start, but the real difficulty is keeping my creativeness in check with the laws of science and making sure I don't contradict myself in the infinite amount of errors I could create.
If you've just read the paragraphs above the line, it's fair to say I have abandoned, per se, that project for the time being. Have no fear, for I am still sketching flora and fauna life on the planet, but no geographical, cartography major stuff.
If you've also read my journal entry 'Exams, Halo 4 and the 30 Watcher Challenge' you will know that I will start to draw a 30 headed dragon based on each watcher. Below is a 'check-list' of sorts so that viewers can see which heads I have started on and which ones I have not.

:bulletred:Hangingapollo's head :iconhangingapollo:
-Dragon head resembling Perseus maybe holding guitar in jaws.

:bulletred:Itsmattography's head :iconitsmattography:
-Dragon head with camera around neck and checkered skin.

:bulletred:Brainblower's head :iconbrainblower:
-Dragon head with a satirical expression and cartoonish style.

:bulletred:Wenzen4's head :iconwenzen4:
Dragon head with EDF helmet and goggles on (old reference)

:bulletred:Lordwormm's head :iconlordwormm:
Dragon head in a cartoon-y style with many alien features

:bulletred:Cam-wis' head :iconcam-wis:
Dragon head with sideburns, lots of detailed shapes/lines, another camera and looking friendly overall.

:bulletred:ThSaverior's head :iconthsaverior:
Dragon head that is basically a zombified dragon-necromorph.

:bulletred:Pyro939's head :iconpyro939:
A very detailed, traditional pencil n' pen ghoulish dragon head.

:bulletred:LiliDeGuty's head :iconlilideguty:
Cute, adorable and puppydog looking dragon head.

:bulletred:LtSpongeBob's head :iconltspongebob:
A dragon head following the same style & colour scheme as 'Paruru'

:bulletred:NintendoGirlsFan's head :iconnintendogirlsfan:
Since this account has been deactivated, I'll have the head fallen asleep slumped on the ground. It will hve some stylish, colourful hair though.

:bulletred:Dragoonfliy's head :icondragoonfliy:
A very dragon-y head indeed. It may be based off of the Big Daddy Dragon, an artwork done by Dragoon, but I might need her permission first :/

:bulletred:Sorrel-san's head :icondigillama:
This will probably be another small, wolf-like dragon head. Seeing Sorrel's deviations, it might be good to have it breathing out a splendid fire effect as well.

:bulletred:C4pt41n-Aw3s0m3's head :iconc4pt41n-aw3s0m3:
A very hipster dragon head with a wavy crest and sporting some funky glasses > : D

:bulletred:NegativeMonstar's head :iconnegativemonstar:
A dragon head that is quite alien and ghoulish. I have in mind a dragon head that has a gaping maw instead of a face. Trying to make that look 'dragon-y' is the difficult part.

:bulletred:Jblake17's head :iconjblake17:
A dragon head with very shaded/prominent eyes and lines. It will be trying to solve a rubick's cube with its mouth haha.

:bulletred:Onionelli's head :icononionelli:
Something related to Zabuck. Maybe an ultra-cool looking bumble dragon head with a Na-Goa blade stuck in there somewhere...

:bulletred:ItsMeBrownMindPopper's head :iconitsmebrownmindpopper:
I honestly do not know how I can make a dragon head inspired by BrownMindPopper's deviations. See them for yourself and get your head around how I am able to tackle this one....suggestions, maybe :3 ?

:bulletred:The-Quirky-Banana's head :iconthe-quirky-banana:
A dragon head that has been carved out of wood like the figurines that make up the majority of TQB' deviations. A dragonhead version of those....nuf said.

:bulletred:Hoart-Fox's head :iconthe-gray-husky:
A dragon head coloured brilliantly orange with the characteristics of a fox. I guess that would sum up this deviant's works quite nicely.

:bulletred:Soso0197's head :iconsoso0197:
Soso has a particular dragon-drawing style. So I guess if I could impliment this style into this head of his I could make a good inspiration out of it. Should be a fair challenge.


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Cam-wis Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
bruh you still active on here I miss our chats man :highfive:
Pyrovilekiller Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yeah, I'm still alive man. I still monitor everything that's going on, just not posting anything (I really should... D:)

Indeed we must resume le chats!

As a starting point... I have just been appointed the head of Visual arts at my school for 2015. So happy :D :D :D

How are things going with you?
Cam-wis Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Same here dude, currently in the process of making new outlets for my work, most likely Behance, The Loop and other such sites now that Im leaning more towards graphic design

go you yay ^^
thatll be great resume material im sure, and a great expereince for you nonetheless, I hope you enjoy your position and everything it has to offer
and what EXACTLY does that entitle you to?

Things are going fantastic man, loving my course that im doing and producing some awesome stuff. making new freinds, having new expereinces and shaking my anxiety is all happening rn and its fucking fantastic

I could go on for ages but I dont really know what to say without being asked anything specific ahaa
Pyrovilekiller Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sounds like you're having a good time!

As for your question, being the head of VA at my school means I'm the student representative of the department and all that's going on there. It seems like the staff are getting straight to business, since I need to give an opening speech for this year 12's Body of Work exhibition in a few day's time. Should be interesting! It also means I have quite a strong say in what art events the school is being involved in as well as art within the school environment itself.

As for the work I'm doing, it's mainly school based. We recently had a 'site specific day' where we made an artwork, put it somewhere in the school and had the art staff & students observe our work. That was really fun. We also were tasked to make a website documenting our artwork on site day. Mine can be found at- (the link may be blocked, but if it isn't, feel free to browse!)

I'm also getting into acrylic painting, and steampunk-pencil drawing.

You may have prompted me to upload something, friend!

I shall talk to you soon! Pyro over and out~Kitty Dance 
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jvel4073 Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello my New Friend, that for adding my drawing to your :+fav: Also you have a :iconletter-fplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-nplz::iconletter-tplz::iconletter-aplz::iconletter-splz::iconletter-tplz::iconletter-iplz::iconletter-cplz:
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Pyrovilekiller Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Why thank you.
NikolayAsparuhov Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for the fave :)
VanillaFiction Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
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Greetings and thank you for all the faves!
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cheers for all the faves bro 
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